FastLane Transmission & Automotive ®  111 wyoming blvd SE, albuquerque, NM  87123
Services Provided :
Drive Trains, Manual Transmission, Transmission Gears, Transmission Oil, Gear Shift Mechanism, Speedometer Cable, The Clutch, The Flywheel, The Clutch Plate, The Clutch Pedal, Cables and Levers, Hydraulic Clutch, The Differential, Differential Fluids,
Positraction Differentials, The Drive Shaft, The Universal Joint (U-joint), Constant Velocity Joints (CV Joints),
Front Wheel Drive, 2-Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive (AWD), Automatic Transmissions,
Torque Converter, Brake Bands, Transmission Fluid, Automatic Gear shifting, Gears and Gear Ratios,
Throw-Out Bearing, Synchronizers (Synchros), Transmission Housing, Clutch Bell Housing, One-way Clutch Bearings, Governor, Park Locking Ring, Roller Bearings, Idler Gears, Differential Inspection Cover, Thrust Bearings, Ring Gear, Drive Wheel/Axle, Transmission Fluid Dip Stick, 4 Speed Transmission (Rear Wheel Drive), Front Wheel Drive, Differential (Rear Wheel Drive), Changing a Clutch Slave Cylinder, Changing a Clutch MasterCylinders.
​Fastlane Transmission & Auto Service has been servicing Albuquerque and New Mexico since 1999 . With over 100 Years of combined experience we are more than qualified to handle all automatic transmission concerns. Fastlane is a full blown automatic transmission rebuild facility with well over 300 stock units . We build units around the clock, all day every day . Buying parts in bulk is how we save our customer money. Transmission's are our primary business . Call today for information and get answers ! Not a song and dance !  Phone quotes gladly given and upfront pricing is the staple of our business !
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111 Wyoming SE  Albuquerque NM 87110
( 505 ) 254-9292

( 505 ) 254-9292